Breathable and Natural Insulation

We are developing wood fibre-based and eco-friendly insulation alternatives for the construction industry.


The innovation of our insulation material lies in its unique production technology and the raw material base. Foam technology allows the creation of a new material based on wood and natural fibres.

Product Portfolio

We develop a versatile range of insulation solutions for houses, apartments and commercial buildings, with various densities, dimensions, sizes and technical specifications to meet different needs. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting products currently in development:

Acoustic Panels

Suspended ceilings, wall boards

Structural Insulation

Rigid boards, load-bearing insulations

Soft Thermal Insulation

External walls, roofs and attics, partition walls, intermediate floors, etc

Choose Natural Barrier Between Indoor and Outdoor Air

The carbon sequestered by the growing tree is stored in the wood fibre-based insulation material for the lifetime of the building or insulation.


At the same time, effective insulation reduces the energy needed to heat buildings.


In this way, we can achieve a sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy result for people.

What’s up?

Currently, we are intensively focusing on product development projects in collaboration with strategic customers. We manufacture product samples for various test projects on our pilot line located in Finland.


We are open to new domestic and international product development projects and commercial collaborations. If you are interested in exploring the suitability of wood and natural fibre-based materials for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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