What if
we could insulate homes and protect packages more sustainably?

Fossil-free insulation and packaging protection material

All straight from nature

We develop next-generation insulation and packaging protection materials from forest industry by-products and other natural fibres.


Breathable, recyclable and compostable insulation and protection products are ecological alternatives to mineral wool and cellular plastic-based insulation and packaging cushioning.

From waste to high-value-added products

We are pioneers in sustainable materials technology, developing new valuable materials from forest industry waste. Our recyclable products act as carbon sinks and can be used for multiple purposes.

Sustainable construction and packaging

We promote a more sustainable future by using forestry by-products, manufacturing valuable products energy-efficiently and creating new opportunities for wood-based construction and plastic-free packaging.

We are developing several wood fibre-based building materials, building a pilot plant and moving towards our first production plant. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our next steps!