Sustainable Insulation and Packaging Solutions

What if we could insulate our buildings and protect our packaging with a material that would not end up as a hazardous waste stream for future generations?


Fiberwood is the only bio-based and completely plastic-free insulation and packaging protection material on the market. The fire retardant used in the products is also natural and non-toxic.


Pilot Projects Underway

Several customer products and applications are currently under development in the building insulation and packaging protection product groups. We expect to have products commercially available in about 1.5 to 2 years.

Why Fiberwood?

  1. All natural fibres, no plastics
  2. Binds carbon
  3. Excellent product features
  4. Easy, safe and quick to install
  5. Easy to mould and form into packaging
  6. Fire retardant
  7. 100% recyclable after use
  8. Fully compostable

Next Generation Insulation Material

For breathable, natural construction.

More Sustainable Packaging Protection

From wood to packaging protection and finally back to soil.

Tailored Solutions

We cooperate with our customers to test alternatives to fossil-based foams.

Foam technology enables the manufacturing of a wide range of products from various natural materials.

We are developing several wood fibre-based building materials, building a pilot plant and moving towards our first production plant. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our next steps!