About us

What if forest industry by-products were not burned for energy?

We are a materials technology start-up developing fossil-free insulation and packaging materials for the construction industry from forest industry by-products and other natural fibres.


We unlock the potential of waste by converting it into recyclable and carbon-sequestering valuable materials for a wide range of applications. Our breathable, recyclable and compostable insulation and protective products are ecological alternatives to mineral wool and cellular plastic-based insulation and packaging cushioning.


We want to boost timber construction with natural fibre-based and breathable materials and reduce the use of plastic in the packaging industry.

Inspired by Green Gold

We draw inspiration from Green Gold: our operations are based on responsible business, sustainable forestry and the versatile use of wood and natural fibres. Fiberwood does not require any extra trees to be felled.

We have market drivers on our side, driving the development of low-carbon construction, increasing the value of forests and wood raw materials, and using side streams.

We raised €3.5 million in funding, which we currently use to develop production technology and build our first pilot plant.

Several customer products and applications are currently under development in the building insulation and packaging protection product groups. The aim is to achieve the first cash-flow-generating pilot-stage sales projects in early 2024. We estimate that products will flow commercially to the market in around 1.5-2 years.


We aim to grow as the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based building insulation and packaging protection.


2019 Fiberwood was established based on customer projects commissioned by VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutions.

2022 Team was strengthened with start-up and R&D talents

2022 First phase research environments in Järvenpää

2023 Team grew with sales, customer and product experts

2024 Move to larger premises to build a pilot line

2024 Start of commercial projects

We are developing several wood fibre-based building materials, building a pilot plant and moving towards our first production plant. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our next steps!