Responsible Pioneer in Materials Technology

We develop new materials from wood and other natural fibres. We convert industrial side streams into carbon store and recyclable, plastic-free and degradable insulation and packaging materials – without compromising the performance requirements.

Safe & Healthy Solutions for Us and Future Generations.

Fiberwood is committed to developing environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil materials and acting responsibly for our planet’s well-being. We support sustainable development goals by promoting the use of wood and natural fibre-based materials.

Our Sustainability Priorities

Promoting Green and Sustainable Timber Construction

We aim to promote timber construction by developing breathable insulation materials based on wood and natural fibres. By doing so, we are looking after the health of buildings and the people who live in them.

Reducing Plastic in Packaging

We want to reduce the amount of microplastics and general plastic waste released into the environment through packaging so that nature and animals can thrive.

Efficient Use of Industrial Side Streams

Fiberwood enables the production of low-carbon insulation and packaging protection materials from forestry and textile industry by-products. In terms of properties such as insulation and strength, the new materials are on par with their traditional mineral wool and cellular plastic-based counterparts.

We are developing several wood fibre-based building materials, building a pilot plant and moving towards our first production plant. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our next steps!