Puolivartalokuva Jarmo Haurusta. Hänellä on tumma pikkutakki ja kädet ristissä rinnalla. Hän seisoo portaiden juuressa, taustalla punainen tiiliseinä.

The Construction Sector’s Biggest Transformation – Jarmo Hauru Intends to Be at the Forefront

Facing the truth about the need for reforms in construction isn’t what one might call ‘easy and fun,’ but it’s undeniably inevitable. Fiberwood’s Jarmo Hauru has been around long enough that he doesn’t need to consult the stars to predict the next significant shift in the industry. In our ‘Fossil Free’ series, we shine a spotlight on our team of experts, who stand out free from conventional thoughts and habits. Prepared to lead, challenge, and transform entire industries, they bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the table.

There is no value in treading old ground when you’ve been blazing trails all over the world for decades. Jarmo Hauru has headed to regions where there’s a pressing need to develop new technical solutions and systems for the construction industry. His mission has taken him across the markets of the Middle East, Central Asia, the Nordic countries, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Now, as Fiberwood’s Director of Customer Relations and Sales Channels, Jarmo intends on positioning Fiberwood as a leader in the transformation.

Jarmo characterises his role as a seamless integration of technology and business. Competition in large international markets has always been fierce. In both residential and industrial construction, the skills of a civil engineer have proven to be essential. When Fiberwood offered a fitting role and the opportunity to become a partner, Jarmo leveraged his experience to evaluate the prospects of the young company:

“Fiberwood offers a forward-looking solution that meets a clear demand. I see substantial potential here, alongside a promising opportunity for my own success. The process of creating something new is inherently fascinating, presenting both risks and opportunities,” says Jarmo.

The Truest Challenge in Low-Carbon Construction: Old Habits and Familiar Routes

The potential has also been recognised by customers and partners.

“Customers are expressing clear interest in our solution. Fiberwood possesses a truly innovative product, unlike anything previously available. There are relatively few solutions for low-carbon construction, yet there is a significant market demand for them.”

While competition exists, Jarmo notes that the real challenge lies in contending with old solutions. The old ways, the familiar paths, and the well-known suppliers are comforting and easy for people to adhere to.

Easy and comfortable or not, finding low-carbon building solutions is imperative, not just for the future of our planet but also due to legal mandates. According to a construction roadmap by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, legislation will govern the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their lifecycle by the mid-2020s. Building materials account for a third of all waste in the EU, and 40% of the EU’s energy consumption is used for the heating and cooling of buildings. The aim is to achieve zero emissions from the EU’s building stock by 2050.

“These are significant figures, highlighting the urgent need for change in the construction and building sector’s climate impact. The encouraging aspect is our capability to identify solutions and effect real change. Despite the slow evolution traditionally attributed to the construction industry, reflecting on my time as a young student reveals considerable shifts from practices and materials that now appear outdated. Indeed, construction has evolved, and we’re on the edge of what might be the biggest breakthrough our industry has ever seen.”

Jarmo observes that with the acceleration of change, materials suppliers are compelled to reassess their product lines. Beyond construction, the demand for innovation extends to other sectors, such as packaging materials, facing similar calls for transformation. Fiberwood’s solutions span a broad spectrum of applications, opening up endless paths for exploration.

Exploring Alternatives: The Need to Communicate and Demand Them

Breaking into new markets and working in a start-up is not a journey from one victory to another. Rather, it demands patience and persistence to achieve a breakthrough. Jarmo is primarily motivated by the moments of success he shares with his customers:

“It’s incredibly rewarding when, together with a customer, we discover a solution that perfectly meets their needs and requirements. We specialise in customisation and tweaking technical parameters until we find a solution that not only works well but will also endure over time. That’s a significant achievement. I measure my success by what we achieve together with our customers.”

Jarmo advocates for collaboration not just among customers but across all stakeholders in the industry. Change cannot be achieved in isolation; it requires a collective effort to find solutions.

“We must generate interest and disseminate information across the entire value chain. Builders, architects, designers, house builders, and ultimately consumers, need to be informed about the existence of low-carbon alternatives.”

Jarmo has notched many achievements over his vast journey, yet he believes that the highlight of his career is yet to come:

“My vision for Fiberwood is to have a broad and evolving product range in a company that is experiencing significant growth. We have been on the crest of a wave and have been able to predict how construction will change. We continue to find new, evolving solutions, which will continue to feed our hunger.”

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