Fiberwood Raises €7.7 Million to Develop Ecological Building Insulation and Packaging Materials

PRESS RELEASE—Fiberwood Ltd, A Finnish materials technology startup, has raised 7.7 million euros in growth funding from existing investors Metsä Spring and Stephen Industries, together with public financiers. The company is preparing to enter a commercial phase with the aim of international growth.

Fiberwood, established in 2019, is committed to advancing sustainable and ecological construction and packaging. The company has developed a technology and production process to produce circular, fossil-free insulation and packaging materials from forestry side streams and other natural fibres.

“Our products offer eco-friendly, recyclable and resource-efficient alternatives to traditional mineral wool-based insulation and cellular plastic-based packaging cushioning. Additionally, we enable the use of sustainable products in entirely new applications,” says Fiberwood’s CEO, Tage Johansson.

Fiberwood is preparing to enter a commercial phase with the aim of international growth

In the spring of 2023, Fiberwood received 3 million euros in funding for development work. With the additional funding now secured, the company will build a test line to finalise its product concept, ensure industrial scalability and accelerate R&D activities. The test line will enable the manufacture of fully market-compatible products for customers’ commercial projects.

Fiberwood has several product development projects underway with strategic customers and is close to finalising its initial series of commercial agreements.

“The funding round strengthens Fiberwood’s position as a pioneer in materials technology. We’re setting the foundation for a future production line, minimising risks from the outset. Our investment in process technology distinguishes us, enhances our competitive position, and contributes to developing the Finnish forestry and materials technology know-how,” says Johansson.

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